December 2016 Getting Boys Up and Running in the Early Years

May 2014 Supporting Boys' Writing in the Early Years - Becoming a Writer in Leaps and Bounds Routledge

February 2013 We can all be poets Early Years Update

October 2012 How can we help young EAL learners to do well in Early Years settings? Nursery World

June 2012 Putting children at the centre of enabling environments

May 2012 Developing boys' confidence and attainment as writers Early Years Update

2010 Writing - Follow their lead Nursery World

2006 Contributor to:  Transitions Oxfordshire County Council

1998 Starting to Read and Write A. & C. Black

1997 Developing Literacy Packs with Parents in Preparing for Early Literacy Education with Parents  The REAL Project/NES Arnold

1992 Families; Streets; Houses; Food; School.  Ginn (KS1 History topic books)

1992 The Highwayman  Ginn (KS1 History stories)

1988 Co-author of the best selling: Rain or Shine Oxfordshire Campaign for Nursery Education (Places for families with young children to go in Oxfordshire)

1986 Timesearch Books 1 - 4 O.U.P (KS2 History series)